About our Partners

Leigthon Park School
Sixth Form Boarding School

Leighton is an independent day & boarding school.
International students are expected to stay at least for a year (= 3 terms).
Their philosophy is related to the beliefs of the Quakers who founded this school and a few others in the UK.
Equality, respect for each other, tolerance are no empty phrases but people live them actively on a daily basis.
The educational and academic level is very high.
The school started the IB programme in 2007 and it has turned out very successfully over the years with very high scores especially in 2020.
Very popular, especially among German parents and students, is the one-year course that leads to the GCSE exam. (German year 11)



Stanstead College
Boarding High School

Stanstead is a small, but lively college close to the American border.
The school, due to historical aspects, has a strong bilingual focus. Students can be placed in the French or English section. Both languages are taught by native speakers.
Therefore, it is interesting for students who want to improve their English but would like to focus on French, too.
Pastoral care and a good boarding school system help the students to be looked after well.



Shiplake College
Sixth Form Boarding School

Shiplake is an independent day and boarding school.
So far it had been a boy’s school till year 10.
This will be changed soon, and girls will be able to attend from year 7 on.
Shiplake has a large and interesting sports programme, including an own boat house by the river Thames.
Rowing is a major sports there, but also Rugby, tennis and other sportive activities can be chosen from.
Expected attendance is at least a year.



Howick College
Secondary School

Howick College is a suburban secondary school (year 9-13) on the outskirts of Auckland.
It has a tradition of hosting international students and works with a very successful and competent team in the international office.
Therefore, the college has a good support in the Howick community where families often like to host guest students.
Students can choose from various subjects, including outdoor education.



Bromsgrove School
Sixth Form Boarding School

Bromsgrove is a coeducational school for day students and boarders.
The boarding numbers are about 25% of the total amount of students there.
It is a school that offers its students IB and A levels to choose from.
The IB course requires attendance of two years.
Bromsgrove offers a wide range of academic and sportive choices.
Cricket, rugby, swimming, hockey, football, also tennis is popular there.
Before the pandemic Bromsgrove also offered summer camps for international students.
Bromsgrove also offers summer language courses for international students ( 2 weeks) and a more intensive academic preparation course which covers six weeks. They will run next year from July 5th on. Parents can apply from now on.



John Abbott College
High School and College

John Abbott is a large secondary and post-secondary college in Canada`s biggest town.
It has a long history of tending to international and European sixth form students.
Students are usually hosted by families or can also choose to live in dormitories.



The Good Shepherd Lutheran College
High School

The Good Shepherd is a private Lutheran College founded in 1987.
It is situated at the Australian Sunshine Coast.
The senior years are years 11-12.
It is a school with a strong ministry.
According to taught subjects and school ethos it is a place where students are expected to interact respectfully with each other and the staff.
Students can be hosted in guest families.



St Leonards
Sixth Form Boarding School

This is one of Scotland`s leading independent schools with a strong work ethos and great hospitality on Scottish grounds.
It is set in a beautiful landscape and is coeducational.
International students are expected to stay for a year.
Ideal time to attend would be year 11, the year before A levels or IB start (years 12-13).
There is a strong focus on Music, Arts & Drama.



Scarborough College
Sixth Form Boarding School

Scarborough College is an independent coeducational day and boarding school in the north of England, with an age range from preschool to Sixth Form.
The school became an IB World school in 2006.
Apart from a wide range of subjects one can choose from, theatre and sports play a major role at the school. Boys play cricket, hockey or rugby and girls hockey, netball or tennis.
Part of the annual programme is the Duke of Edinburgh award. This is a very distinguished combination of social tasks and sports skills, that has become an international trademark all over the world.
Pastoral care and career guidance are strong pillars of the school.



Villiers School
Sixth Form Boarding School

Villiers is a school situated in beautiful surroundings in Limerick, in the middle of Ireland.
It is a day and boarding school, independent and coeducational. It is also the only independent school in Ireland that offers IB, especially to international students.
European students can come and study at Villiers during the so called transition year (ages 15-16) or for the two year sixth form that leads to the Irish Leaving Certificate, an equivalent to German Abitur.
The school is very strong on the Arts, Drama, and Music, but also offers various interesting sports programmes.



Queen Margaret`s
Girls Boarding School

QM is an all-girls school in the north of England, near York. It is a relatively small school that looks after their girls very well and with a lot of care.
Many interesting extracurricular options are offered there, ranging from academic challenges to drama, music and sports events including the Prince of Edinburgh Award.
Girls can come for one term, or for the so-called GCSE year, the German year 11. Of course they can also come for longer. As of 2022 they are already booked out but there are vacancies for next year.



King`s High School
Boys State School

King's High School is one of the top boys' schools in New Zealand. This is due to their outstanding academic and scholarship results.

While King's is a high achieving school, they provide equal opportunities for all students. Boys should achieve 'personal excellence'.
This is reached through strong encouragement and direction for each young man to be at his best. High standards and expectations, high-quality teaching, and the right sort of challenges to help the boys to excel.
Their main purpose is to "Build Men for Life", to aspire and to realise their potential. This guides the Academic, Cultural, Arts, Music and Sports programmes that are equally celebrated at Kings High School, Dunedin, New Zealand.
King's High offers one term (= three months ) and also long stay opportunities for international students.



Bayfield High School
High School with Boarding

Bayfield High School - Where you belong- Pastoral care for our International Students is our number one priority.

With a passion for excellence and positive relationships we are all about creating well rounded students.
We are strong in the sciences and also the arts,so something for everybody, and our outdoor programme throws in a splash of excitement.
Bayfield High offers one term (= three months ) and also long stay opportunities for international students.