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Take the Next Step in your Education with us abroad

We have more than 15 years in leadership of sixth-form and college education institutions, as well as 20 years of experience advising and assisting students who are looking to go abroad during a year at high school or finish their pre-university qualifications abroad entirely. We have already successfully placed nearly 100 students at our partner schools and colleges during this time.

As specialists in year abroad advising, we understand the intricacies of our partner schools, their application processes, and the unique features of the various school systems in the local country of choice. As a result, we can ensure that you will be able to select the appropriate study program at the high school or college of your choice.

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What We Do

We provide advice on all aspects of a year abroad or studying abroad, including the selection of country and high school, the right academic program for you, financing options and grants, admission criteria and preparation, integration into your local high school program and advice on flights, visas, health insurance and so.

Free Consultations

Our first consultation is always free. Together we can identify your preferences and plan your year abroad.


We provide guidance on planning your trip from flights via health insurance to receiving recognition at your local school.

Language Tests

We provide guidance and assistance in case you need to take an additional English language test.


We support you with financial planning, budgeting and finding scholarschips and grants.


We create a list of school & program recommendations, based on your requirements, preferences and budget.

Application Support

We guide you through the application process, from choosing the right school to writing a letter of motivation.

How We Work

Our aim is to provide you with the best experience possible, from the first consultation to final preparations before heading abroad on your adventure. We support you every step of the way.


We provide you with the information to support your decision-making process.


We prepare you for your Adventure abroad, be it booking flights, finding accommodation, or what to pack.


We guide you through the process of making the right decision for your educational future


We support you with the application process from filling out Forms to writing your letter of motivation

Partner Schools

We have partnered with High Schools and Colleges all around the world to provide you with a large range of choices for the next step abroad in your educational journey. Together we can explore your options and pick the right school and country for your requirements.

Leighton Park School

Reading, England

Sixth Form Boarding School


Bromsgrove School

Bromsgrove, England

Sixth Form Boarding School


Shiplake College

Henley-on-Thames, England

Sixth Form Boarding School


Stanstead College

Stanstead, Canada

Boarding High School


St. Leonard's School

St. Leonard's, Scotland

Sixth Form Boarding School


Howick College

Auckland, New Zealand

Secondary School


John Abbott College

Montreal, Canada

High School and College


Good Shepherd College

Noosa, Australia

High School


Scarborough College

Scarborough, England

Sixth Form Boarding School


Villiers School

Limerick, Ireland

Sixth Form Boarding School


Queen Margaret's

York, England

Girls Boarding School


King's High School

Dundedin, New Zealand

Boys State School


Bayfield High School

Dundedin, New Zealand

High School with Boarding


Summer Camps and Language Courses

Many of our partners also offer summer camps and language courses.

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What our Students say about us

Elena A.

Leighton Park School, Reading, England

I am very grateful for all the advice and the care that Frau Wohlfahrt Stoll took in making me aware of the study options at Leighton Park. Through her advice and the time spent at the school, I have had access to so many opportunities. In particular, taking the IB and all the extracurriculars that were available has facilitated my entry into University in the UK and had a very positive influence on me. She also continued to show interest and support throughout my time at school which made me feel confident in my choice.

Paula D.

Huntington School, York, England

I went to Huntington School in 2017/18 and I felt like I was greatly supported by Ms Wohlfahrt-Stoll before and throughout the year. She helped with recommendations and had lots of insights which helped amazingly to adjust and prepare beforehand. Based on her Network and experience I always felt like she was able to identify the right opportunities that matched with my expectations and ambitions.
I'm really thankful that I had somebody that was always accessible and willing to help.

Charlotte B.

Howick College, Auckland, New Zealand

In 2017 I went to Howick College and spent half a year travelling, meeting new friends and having lots of fun. All of this was made possible by the amazing organization of Ms Wohlfahrt-Stoll beforehand and during the stay. With a lot of insight information and her great network she was always there to help if something went wrong or if one just needed a little reassurance.
I am thankful for the experiences I made in New Zealand and the help I got along the journey!

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